Kitchen Orchestra has one agenda: to make music in our time, for our time.  By bringing talented Stavanger-based musicians together with international musicians and composers for unique orchestra projects, Kitchen Orchestra breaks musical boundaries.

Via improvisation-based work methods and collaborations with well-known orchestra leaders, Kitchen Orchestra has developed a sound and playing style that experiments with the relationship between the individual and the ensemble.  The orchestra doesn’t have a permeant leader, but rather collaborates with external leaders or leaders from their own ranks to put their unmistakeable sound on different projects, to create new music, and to stretch out their own flexibility.  Kitchen Orchestra has performed under the leadership of, among others, Lotte Anker, Anthony Pateras, Evan Parker, Keith Tippett, Dave Kane, Per Zanussi, Franz Hautzinger and Øyvind Torvund.  They have collaborated with the internationally renowned dance group Innbal Pinto and collaborated with Japanese visual artists Hiraku Suzuki and Tetsuya Nagato.  From 2010-2013, the German jazz legend Alexander Schlippenbach was the orchestra’s artist in residence.


Rarely has Alexander von Schlippenbach’s music been performed with such energy, love and passion. He even allowed himself a smile during the band’s performance, and at such times one sees that he’s having the time of his life.

– Stuart Nicholson, jazz journalist


The Kitchen Orchestra debut is a great masterpiece. An impressive testimony of both von Schlippenbach and the Kitchen Orchestra’s creativity and immaculate and imaginary performances.



Jul (i sin helhet) på kjøkkenet.
Have we found the ultimate Christmas concert?”6 of 6 points.

– Leif Tore Lindø, Stavanger Aftenblad


After this release, this group from the Norwegian capital of avant-garde jazz will no longer be one of the country’s best-kept secrets

– Roald Helgheim, Dagsavisen


This was the high-lite of the year for me!

– Anthony Pateras, Australian composer


Collective improvisation is the only form of relation that actually works; you guys are here to save the world

– Evan Parker, improvisasjonsmusiker


It sounded symphonic

– Keith Tippett, musician and composer