Kitchen Orchestra + George Lewis (US)

Skjermbilde 2019-05-15 kl. 15.33.46

American pianist/improviser/composer Marilyn Crispell has composed a new piece for Kitchen Orchestra. Crispell will conduct and perform with the orchestra at the piece’s premier at Maskinhallen at Tou Scene Sunday 28 October. The piece, which has the working title «Landscapes», will contain through-composed sections – modules with overlapping motives – as well as allowing the orchestra to improvise in larger or smaller groups. Crispell has used elements from pointillism in the piece, working with superimposed rhythms, textures and dynamics.


Created for the Splitter Orchester of Berlin, an “un-conducted, leaderless” ensemble of twenty-four musicians, Creative Construction Set TM (CCS TM) is a mobile, open-form, open-instrumentation work for an ensemble of eight or more musical performers who use a set of instruction cards to create and explore sonic environments. CCS TM enacts as a sonic counter public in which musical decisions are produced via social relations. Discontinuity, support, and struggle become audible pathways to larger lessons for societies seeking to remain open to change, but also to justice. The title of the work pays homage to the “Creative Construction Company,” a part of the experimental African American composer-performer collective, the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians.


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