Kitchen Orchestra + nyMusikks Komponistgruppe (NMK)

With six new compositions on the menu, we’ll serve up the results of an exciting collaboration between musicians from Kitchen Orchestra and six composers from nyMusikk’s Composers Group.


nyMusikk’s Composers Group is a resource group for newly established composers and sound artists. Kitchen Orchestra is Stavanger’s own musical melting pot, made up of musicians who challenge musical boundaries. Six young composers met with the orchestra for the first time in May with sketches and ideas. After further workshopping they have completed their works, and are ready to present them in an evening that promises a wide variety of musical expression.


Supported by The Stavanger Musician Society’s Concert Fund, the Norwegian Society of Composers and Arts Council Norway.
The concert is part of the 100-year jubilee of the Norwegian Society of Composers.
Concert organizer: nyMusikk Stavanger.


Gro Austgulen – violin
Olav Stener Olsen – cello
John Lilja – bass
Didrik Ingvaldsen – trumpet
Dominique Brackeva – trombone
Arild Hoem – sax
Johan Egdetveit – accordeon
Øyvind Dale – piano
Dag Egil Njaa – electronics
Marius Munthe Kaas – drums


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