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kitchen orchestra + Phonetic Orchestra (AUS)

Kitchen Orchestra celebrates its 10 year anniversary with a number of concerts throughout the year, one of which is a collaboration with Phonetic Orchestra, traveling from Australia to Stavanger for the project. The young orchestra discovered the existence of another orchestra on the other side of the world operating within the same esthetic, and with the help of the Australia Council for the Arts, will make its way to Norway to visit their counterparts.


The Australian orchestra was founded in 2012, with the goal of examining the relationship between notation and sound, a relationship in constant flux. Phonetic Orchestra brings together musicians with backgrounds in classical, contemporary, and electro-acoustic music and experimental improvisation to create a musical language and explore the relationship between improvisation and composition. They have previously collaborated with Jim Denley, Peter Knight (Australian Art Orchestra), Eugene Ughetti (Speak Percussion), Dale Gorfinkel and Christian Windfeld.


Together, Kitchen Orchestra and Phonetic Orchestra will combine in a musical expression bringing elements from contemporary music and improvisation…a rare musical experience, in which two orchestras from different sides of the world, with their own strong musical visions, meet in Stavanger.


Listen to an excerpt of the concert on soundcloud.


Line-up Kitchen Orchestra:
Didrik Ingvaldsen – Trumpet
Dominique Brackeva – Trombone
Arild Hoem – Alto Saxophone
Johan Egdetveit – Accordeon
Dag Magnus Narvesen – Drums


Line-up The Phonetic Orchestra:
Jon Heilbron – Double Bass
Callum G’Froerer – Trumpet
Reuben Lewis – Trumpet
Simon Charles – Electronics
Brett Thompson – Guitar
Jenny Barnes – Voice
Andrew Butler – Piano
Jon Smeathers – Electronics
Michael McNab – Drums

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